What She Makes Out of Crepe Streamers Floored Me (CHEAP TOO!)…

Have you ever seen someone make something incredible out of the most mundane thing? This is what she does in this tutorial! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the end result…so REAL! I would have never dreamed of doing this, but I’ve already got a flower garden in my house!

I can’t get over how real these crepe paper flowers look! They are beautiful…easy and cheap to make too! Those are the kind of DIY’s I’m talking about!

I’ve made a bunch of these and put them in a big lovely vase for my home. I always have lots of crepe paper left over after decorating for parties.  Crepe paper is cheap, but I just hate having things go to waste. I have also used them as gift toppers, but the possibilities are endless! One great thing about crepe paper is that it comes in lots of different colors so you should never have a problem finding the perfect colors for any occasion. You can make all kinds of flower variations…roses, carnations, daisies just to mention a few.

Since seeing this tutorial and looking at all the variations of flowers on Pinterest, I have gone bonkers making them! I have a bunch for my home and have gifted them to many of my friends. This is a fabulous idea for baby showers, weddings or any occasion! Crepe paper flowers look like natural flowers but last longer and won’t wilt or droop. That’s why they are very popular for decoration.

Watch how she creates these beautiful flowers in this step by step tutorial and enjoy your flower garden!


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