What She Makes Out Of Her Husband’s Old Shirt Is Really Brilliant!

It would have never occurred to me to repurpose an old shirt by doing this! My husband has a lot of shirts he doesn’t wear any more so this is definitely something great to do with a few of them. I’ll make some of these for myself and some for the ladies in my family!

This is a wonderful DIY project for beginners at sewing or experienced ones!

I showed this to my daughter. Since she’s new to sewing, I thought this was a great thing for her to make. She took to it like a duck in water! Now I can’t keep her off my sewing machine!

Every time I tie one of my new aprons on, I either remember different times my husband wore the shirt now made into an apron, try hard to remember ever seeing him wear it, or laugh about how mad he got the first time I tried to get rid of all the ugly shirts he would never wear.

I especially love the colors she used in this adorable DIY apron! There are some of the best ideas for transforming old shirts and things into new, fashion-forward wearable items.

Watch how eHow Crafts, makes this in her step by step tutorial so you can start repurposing some of your old shirts!

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