What She Makes Out Of The Newspapers Is Brilliant And Super Easy. Learn How!

Do you have old newspapers at home? Sometimes we don’t know what to do with them and many times we don’t even notice them. Don’t throw them in the garbage. With old newspapers you can make interesting and unique things. Today I’m sharing with you just one of the many things that skilled and ingenious people make.

I love the unique look of this fabulous DIY project and it couldn’t be easier! This has a cool art deco look to it and adds so much character to your decor.

I love things that are unique and different looking like this is project is. The cool thing about making this is that you can roll newspaper while watching TV and have them rolled up in no time. Then all you have to do is glue them to the box! How difficult can this be?

I’ve seen all kinds of great DIY projects using rolled newspapers and magazines, so keep in mind that those newspapers and magazines can be valuable, so whatever you do, don’t throw them away!

Yes, there are many ways that will inspire you to use them for home decor items and crafts. You can create so many interesting things by recycling them. Recycling newspapers or magazines is a new but very interesting and fun art that is making its own place. And, I know how much you all love repurposing and recycling so I wanted to share at least one of these great recycling ideas with you for your inspiration.

The options for recycling newspapers and magazines are endless so you would not have to face any difficulty to pick suggestions and ideas of making some of these brilliant new things.

Watch how Minakshi Biswas does this cool project in her step by step tutorial.



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