Thursday, November 30

What She Makes With Cardboard Will Certainly Surprise You (Watch!)

Remember one of the best ways to customize DIY projects is to add unique colors, patterns and your own style to them. That’s something your customers will look for, should you decide to sell these, and why they will choose to buy from you.

Most of us have more than just a couple of favorite photos. Today it’s easier than ever to take & share photographs. That’s why making and selling picture frames are a great DIY craft to take a look at.

This is also a good choice because most picture frames are small to medium sized. So your project costs will be budget friendly overall. For some DIY projects, you may even find that using refurbished items gives you a wonderful look.

When making photo frames, start by thinking of the recipient of the frame. We know you’ll be especially successful if you make photo frames for family photos, Dads, Moms and kids to name a few. Many who like to pick out a photo frame also love having the ability to share more than one photo – so try to think and look for DIY projects where several can be easily displayed.

I LOVE frames and they’re amazing to decorate your home with! Sometimes I want a really unique and stylish way to display them and by making unique frames out of cardboard you can decorate them to match any particular room in your home. One really cool idea is to hang them with ribbon in a group of three (one below the other). There are plenty more ideas where that one came from, so browse through Pinterest. I’m sure you’ll get all kinds of ideas…I always do!

Watch how Angela does this in her step by step tutorial and start gathering that cardboard!

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