What She Makes With Dollar Store Items Is So Brilliant, You’ll Have To Have One!

When I saw this clever DIY project I was amazed at how genius it was! Of course, I had to make one since it was something I had been looking to buy and it never once occurred to me I could make one.

This was so ridiculously easy to make and I love how my K-cup holder turned out. Now I couldn’t live without it. I used to have my K-cups stored in my cabinet, still in the box they came in. It’s so much easier to have them at your fingertips and you can stay on top of when to buy more.

When I first saw that she was using, what I thought was regular hot glue, I thought, there’s no way that’s going to hold, but found out that she uses the Gorilla brand of hot glue, which is a much sturdier glue than regular glue sticks.

I wouldn’t have ever thought that the metal shower curtain rings were the perfect size for holding K-cups! Whoever thinks this stuff up is a genius!

I love the way she gives this K-cup holder a shabby chic look by creating a distressed look to the paint. It adds a lot of charm and looks much more personalized than a regular K-cup holder you buy at the store.

Watch Kelly Barlow makes this clever K-cup holder in her step by step tutorial.

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