What Wedding Would Be Complete Without Bride And Groom Mason Jars?

If not the wedding, these are so much fun for a wedding shower. Then you can put something special for the bride and the groom in each one! Gift cards, fill them with extra cash, massage oils, gag gifts for the newlyweds or their favorite treats as a welcome home gift …just let your imagination go wild as to what you want to put in these!

These Bride and Groom jars are perfect for wedding gifts or wedding decorations. Can anything be more popular than mason jar when it comes to DIY rustic and vintage wedding decor?  Mason jars make for really cheap, fun and easy diy projects that just requires a little bit of creativity with old and new items.  If you are considering incorporating mason jars into your wedding,

These would also be a great way to make to announce to your family and friends that you got engaged, the way people do special things to announce that they’re having a baby!

I saw a set of these on Etsy for $25! Now you can find out how to DIY these adorable jars! Forget about paying money for them! They also sell some similar to these that have candle holders glued to the bottom of the jars for the bride and groom to do their toast with. I think that’s a brilliant and unique idea!

Watch how Kelly Barlow makes these  in her easy step by step tutorial.




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