What Were You Almost Named As A Baby?

Last week, someone on Twitter posed the question: What were you almost named as a baby? It got me reminiscing. Both Ben Blair and I had almost-names as babies. I was almost named Shoshana — in fact, I swear there’s some document in my baby book that lists the name Shoshana, written before my parents settled on Gabrielle. (I should go find my baby book and remember what it is! Also, I know it’s not a baby picture, but that’s me above. I think I’m age 3 or 4 in this image.)

Here are the names of me and my siblings: Jake, Rachel, Sara, Joshua, Gabrielle, Jared, Jordan, Salem. Do you think Shoshana would be a better fit in that grouping?

Ben Blair’s almost-name is Troy. Apparently he was called Troy all throughout his mother’s pregnancy. He’s number 7 in line and all the older siblings had been referring to him as Troy for a couple of weeks after he was born. But right before his baby blessing (where he was officially given his name), his parents had a change of heart and decided to go with Benjamin. But they didn’t tell anyone! So all the siblings were shocked to hear this new name during the blessing prayer. Hah!

This got me thinking about the almost-names of my kids, but they mostly don’t have almost-name stories. We never wavered on the names of Ralph, Olive, Oscar, Betty, and June — but for Maude, we came really close to both Mabel and Miriam. The plan throughout the pregnancy was to name her Maude, but at the last minute we wavered, and tried both Mabel and Miriam for a couple of days after she was born — then ultimately switched back to Maude.

What about you? Do you have an almost-name? Do any of your kids? I’d love to hear your stories.

P.S. — All the best nicknames.

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