When I Saw This My 1st Thought He Was Getting Wood in For His Fire Place!

Boy was I wrong about that first thought!  I’m amazed at the people out there who come up with these ideas!  Thank God for the Einstein’s out there!  What he creates is absolutely stunning and most of you are going to want one of these in your home!

This table made out of logs is one of the most unique tables I’ve ever seen and I must have one!  I love all things unique.  West Elm sells a side table similar to this for $249, but why pay that when you can make one like this guy does.

I love that people are turning back to nature and repurposing fallen trees for this elegant furniture. We’re seeing more and more natural wood being used in home decor these days.  It looks stunning on concrete flooring in the more modern homes.

On our trip to Colorado, my husband picked up some fallen birch trees and sawed them down so that we could bring it home and make two of these fabulous end tables.  I simply adore them!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can make one of these!  Be sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!

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