When She Puts Glitter On This Foam Pumpkin She Does Something Brilliant With It! (STUNNING!)

Many of us have foam pumpkins in our storage, and, if you’re anything like me, I always forget that I have them when Thanksgiving and Halloween rolls around! Well, after seeing this tutorial, I dug them out and made this incredible craft project!

I love all things that sparkle so this project was right up my alley! I especially love this sparkly pumpkin, turned candle holder! This looks fabulous sitting on a shelf in my bedroom! It adds so much beauty and speaks volumes just sitting alone in any part of your home.

Mod Podge, glitter and a drill bit (or x-acto knife) will also turn a pumpkin into a sparkling votive fit for centerpieces. Looking for ways to take your pumpkins from jack-o-lantern to just plain fabulous? Right on time for the return of the pumpkin spice latte.

These also look fabulous on tables for wedding receptions and parties. Or, make some up to burn while you sit outdoors and enjoy the evening. These are so easy, quick and cheap to do!

Watch Lisa Pullano’s step by step tutorial so you can get busy making your stunning votive candle holder!


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