When You See What He Does With This Old Door, You’ll Have To Have One Too!

Don’t you just love it when people repurpose vintage items? I sure do and I’m usually amazed the old things that people use to make the most astonishing pieces! Some things truly live on and on forever…

This is one of Decorators favorite items to use in new homes, or homes that people are updating. I can certainly see why, can’t you?

Our recent move was the perfect time to toss our really old mattress and upgrade to a King sized bed (which has been on my wish list for years)! We got a great deal on a memory foam mattress on Overstock and we even had a bed frame that converts from a Queen to King we were able to use. But I felt like it looked sloppy without a headboard.

We didn’t want to spend a ton of money and every King sized headboard we found was $600+. So I just kind of sat on the whole idea for a few days and then decided I saw the old door headboards on Pinterest and fell in love with them. That’s when I found this tutorial, so I was set. All I needed was an old door!

We measured the bed to know what size door we’d need and then went hunting for an old door. We fund a fabulous vintage door at our local thrift store and it only cost us $40! I jumped up and down, I was so excited!

Watch how Vintage Revivals Home and Garden Decor does this great DIY project in their step by step tutorial so you can get busy hunting for your old door!

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