When You See What She Does With A Mason Jar And Raffia You’ll Want To Do It Right Away!

So many amazing DIY projects for the fall season and this one is particularly cute. You’ll definitely have to make this for your Halloween decor!

Mason jars are all the rage in crafting and creating different characters with them for the holiday is fun and easy. Use your imagination to make jars in various sizes for all the holidays, such as this scarecrow mason jar!

So if you want to make some fall mason jar crafts there’s not a project more fun than making an adorable scarecrow. This little fellow will make the most wonderful fall decoration, either in the classroom as a pencil holder, sitting in your home with your other fall decor or on your front porch.

There are many ways you can go about decorating your scarecrow mason jar craft, but we really do hope you’ll follow suit and add a sunflower as it makes all the difference. It will brighten up the room you place it in, and lift the mood on the gloomiest of days, as we all know there are some dark days that come with the fall season.

Watch how Logan Lynn makes this adorable scarecrow mason jar in her step by step tutorial so you can make one for your home…maybe make a few so you can give them away to friends.


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