Whether You’re Storing Beer or Blankets, You’re Gonna Fall In Love With This DIY Coffee Table

When I saw this I went on the hunt for an old whiskey barrel! My Uncle just happened to have one that he was willing to part with, so I was in luck! I love the charm of these old things and was taken by the cleverness and purpose of it! If I’m feeling really ambitious, I may just have to make my sweet Uncle one out of the other half! These are pricey to buy, finished, so this might be an opportunity for you to make some extra money!

It’s always preferable to have an original piece of furniture that nobody else has. When I came across this tutorial I thought this is a unique coffee table, one that I have never encountered before. It’s a very original and ingenious coffee table that you will get many years of use out of.

After this whiskey barrel did its time as something to hold whiskey in, it gets to have another life by being upcycled into a very beautiful and original coffee table, a wonderful furniture piece for the house. Whiskey barrels are made of oak wood, a strong and durable material. I love giving old things a new life! It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment!

It has a spacious tabletop and includes a generous storage area as well (my favorite part). This idea was ingenious and clever and the result was this rare piece of furniture that would look wonderful in any décor. These tables range from $795-$1000 to buy, retail. It adds a rustic charm to a room and will be a conversation piece for many years to come and then after that. I love the vintage look both because of the design and the fact that it was made from a barrel!

Watch this step by step tutorial and get busy making one for your family! He shows you exactly what to do so you can easily make your own country coffee table, from measuring and cutting the barrel to choosing the wood and getting it ready for assembly. Plus, he includes some gorgeous photos of his project in use. Just know after watching this, you are probably not going to be able to resist making one sooner than later. We love ours and know that you and yours are going to enjoy this cool idea as part of your fabulous decor.

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