Who Doesn’t Love Yummy Girl Scout Thin Mints? Now You Can Make Them!

Do you stock-up on Girl Scout Cookies like we do in my home each Spring? Thin Mints are a FAVORITE in our home. Check out this easy and yummy copycat recipe. Best of all, you can make them year around.

This time of year the Girl Scouts start going door to door to sell their fabulous cookies, but for some reason we never get any Girl Scouts at our house and so I have to wait till they start selling them in front of grocery stores. No longer my friends, now I can make my two favorite Girl Scout cookies at home, with these delicious copy cat thin mints.

No more waiting each year for that magical moment when your boxes of Girl Scout cookies FINALLY arrive. No more trying the rest of the year to resist the lure of those boxes you attempted to hide from yourself. No more praying you’ll forget the craving because you depleted your secret stash of Thin Mints and there are still months to go before they’re once again available. No more wishing for a homemade Thin Mints recipe, because here it is.

Watch how Kawaii Sweet World makes these decadent little jewels in her step by step tutorial so you don’t have to wait for the Girl Scouts any more!

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