Who Knew You Could Make So Many Cool Things Out Of Toilet Paper Rolls? Watch!

Not only does she make some cool toilet paper roll ornaments, but there’s a couple of surprise Christmas decor items that you’ll definitely want to see! The last one is my favorite!

Do not throw out your toilet paper rolls but save them from now on, it’s a perfect time to use them in your holiday decoration Innova Crafts is going to show you how today.

It is always a great feeling when we are making our preparations for Christmas, especially if you can recycle something from trash into treasure to make unique items for the whole family to enjoy.

I saw the cutest toilet paper roll Christmas tree on Pinterest, along with many other incredible ideas to use toilet paper rolls for, so let me repeat…do not throw away your toilet paper rolls!

There seems to be an endless array of creative toilet paper roll crafts and other ideas. Who knew! I’m excited about the ease and low cost of these cute and clever toilet paper roll art projects. No more tossing them in the trash at my house! I’m saving them for a rainy day.

Here is a list of some unique and very beautiful and creative Christmas crafts made from a toilet paper roll, plus a bonus decor you won’t be expecting. My wish is that you make amazing decorations and enjoy the fun with family making Christmas decorations!

Watch as Innova Crafts makes all of these incredible Christmas decor items in her step by step tutorial.

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