Why is She Melting Strips of a Plastic Bottle?

When I saw what she made out of an ordinary plastic bottle I was dumbfounded!  What she makes is beyond anything ordinary! This is magnificent to say the least. I had to get busy, right away, making these!

Adding things that are unusual and eye catching are the things I love to add to my flower garden and this huge sparkly dandelion certainly catches your eye, especially when the sun hits it!  Then at night it glows…how cool is that?

When I saw her cutting these strips of the bottle and the way they melted into such cool shapes I was so excited about this craft project! What a genius way to recycle plastic bottles.  If we all did this, we would be contributing, just a little bit, to saving our earth AND creating something beautiful to enjoy.

My kids love making these and I now have several of these beautiful flowers sparkling in my garden.  I’ve even turned my friends and family turned on to making these!  This is something that really catches on when people see them.

Watch this step by step tutorial and get busy making your beautiful dandelions so your garden can look stunning too!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!  All of us together can make a difference!


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