With One Yard Of Fabric And Some Elastic She Makes One Of The Cutest Items!

This is a super easy DIY project that will take you only 1 hour to make and it’s absolutely perfect for the summer heat!
Since the summer makes us feel like we’re gonna wilt, a cute light weight skirt can make a big difference! Making cotton skirts for girls (or yourself) is so very simple.
The concept is nothing new. We’re making a simple gathered skirt, with an elastic waistband, but Laura makes this little skirt a bit more interesting by adding a double hem. What a difference something like this can make when sewing a simple skirt.
You don’t have to use solid fabric…how about a cute coordinating fabric for the second hem? This will make it especially cute and these little skirts are an awesome thing to make for your daughter, granddaughter or nieces for them to wear for back to school!
My little granddaughter prefers to wear skirts, so I made her a few of these to go with her little t-shirts. She absolutely loves them and is pretty prissy when she puts them on!
All this project requires is one yard of your favorite fabric, 1 piece of elastic and 1 hour to make this beautiful double hem girls skirt.
Watch how easy it is to make in Laura Coia’s step by step tutorial so you can get busy making some of these for your favorite girl!
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