Woman Cuts A Sunflower Out Of Burlap And You’ll Love It When You See It Finished!

Decorative, burlap details have become a popular item in country and rustic weddings. And since flowers are also common decorations, why not include burlap flowers in your decor?

The trend of burlap crafts has gained a lot of acceptance in the market today. so much so that many people are coming up with some of the most remarkable and astonishing DIY burlap crafts ideas.

Some of these DIY burlap crafts ideas are so astonishing that sometimes a person thinks how creative a human being can be? They are used for variety of purposes and listing all those purposes would not be easy to do since there’s so many!

Pinterest is full of burlap crafts ideas and I chose this particular burlap sunflower because I love how rustic it looks and that you can hang it on the door or wall.

Burlap just screams farmhouse decor and that’s what I love so much about this fabulous material. It looks particularly cool with paint on it, as shown in the attached tutorial. It has that nice weathered look that is so appealing to many of us.

Watch how this gal with David Christopher’s does this in her step by step tutorial.

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