Woman Stuffs A Sock But She Doesn’t Make A Sock Monkey…She Makes A Cuddly Sock Cat!

Sock monkeys have been around for as long as I’ve been alive, but I haven’t ever seen a sock cat and I fell in love with it!

Whether you are new to crafting or are an experienced crafter, I’m sure you’ve seen the cute sock monkey crafts.

Sock Monkeys are lots of fun to make. They started with one classic pattern. But today there are many fun varieties on the original Sock Monkey.

You can now make other animals too – from cats, dogs, giraffes, frogs and others too. Sock Monkeys are great to give as birthday, holiday or “just because” gifts. Give these Sock Monkey crafts a try!

My little granddaughter loves cats so I got busy making one of these for her. She was over the moon when I gave it to her and it is definitely a well traveled cat because it goes everywhere with her!

These make the best gifts, especially for cat lovers! I’m currently making one for my friend who is notoriously known as the “Cat Woman” and I’m sure that she will be really excited to receive this for her birthday!

Watch how Professor Pincushion makes this adorable cat in her step by step tutorial.



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