Wondering How To Wash Your Loved One’s Hair In The Hospital Bed? Watch!

My sweet Mother is currently in the hospital for open-heart surgery and needed her hair washed, but was too weak to stand up. I went in search of a way to wash her hair and found this great tutorial!

I had already used the dry shampoo on her hair, but that will only last for so long and it feels dirty again. I’m a lot like my Mom, so I knew she would feel better if her hair were clean.

After watching this tutorial I went on Amazon and found the perfect basin for washing her hair in her hospital bed.

The first thing they did was put down a plastic pad…I used a pet pad and it worked perfectly. There was very little water that got on it.

The basin I bought was plastic and it had a place for her neck to go and there was also a support built into it for her head to rest on and it worked like a charm!

Mom felt so much better after having her hair washed, which I knew she would, and it makes me feel like I could give something back to her after all these years.

Watch how this lady with Shelby County ATC MNA washes her patient’s hair in this step by step tutorial so you can wash your loved one’s hair.


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