Thursday, December 7

You Can Build These Fabulous Sliding Barn Doors for Only $40!

OMG! I love these sliding barn doors!  They add so much style to a home. I also can’t believe you can build these for only $40! Most regular doors cost more than that and don’t even come close to looking as cool and unique!

This is the new big “in” thing for homes these days.  Chip & Joanna Gaines are always doing this in their remodels on HGTV. I love the natural wood with a nice stain on it, with the black metal contrast of the track they slide on.

When I first saw this sliding barn door idea, I HAD to have some in my home! My husband is really good with building things so it was a cinch for him to make and install.  Apparently it’s pretty easy, after watching this tutorial.

Check out this step by step tutorial so you can create your sliding barn doors!

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