Thursday, November 30

You Can Easily Make A Self Petting Station For Your Fur Baby. Learn How!

Entertainment options are important when you own a curious cat. We buy cat trees, toys with ribbons attached to them, squeeky mice, cat nip and much more.

When I was browsing Pinterest I ran across this brilliant idea and thought if I were a cat I’d like to have one of these self petting stations, wouldn’t you? There’s nothing better than a built in back scratcher, right? Heck I need one of these!

This is a fun little project that can be completed in an hour or two depending on what you have laying around the house.  It’s a self-petting station for your cats so that they can get a good back scratching while you’re at work or away on vacation.

I made one of these and my cat absolutely loves it. It also gives my dog a break, since they play chase off and on all day and night. My cat sometimes gets the best of my poor dog!

This DIY project is a little more interesting than a cardboard box, which my cat loves to get into…he even tries to get into boxes half his size!

To introduce it to your cat/cats, sprinkle some cat nip on it, sit back and enjoy!

Watch how this gal with Purina Friskies makes this cool self petting station for her cat in this step by step tutorial.




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