You Can Easily Make This Oh So Lovely DIY Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier

Wow! This is one my favorite DIY lighting ideas, ever. I must admit I have a soft spot for all rustic decor, but this mason jar chandelier is simply brilliant. Made from hanging mason jars, this hanging fixture could not be a more perfect project to make and hang in your kitchen. Whether you are going for a farmhouse look in your decor or you prefer the more modern industrial look, this fixture would be perfect with just about any home decor style. I thought this would be super hard to make, but it is really not! Check out the easy to follow Youtube video tutorial to learn how to make your own mason jar chandelier.

Last weekend, I decided to make this with my husband since I thought I would need some serious help. Turns out, this project was not nearly as difficult as I had thought it might be. I appreciated his help, mind you. We spent the afternoon prepping everything and had the light fixture finished by evening. After church on Sunday, we hung it up in m y kitchen over the island. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes in my kitchen, great lighting is more important then even I had realized. This DIY makes me happy when I just look at it, but it also makes my kitchen all light and cheery in the best of ways. Highly recommended project!

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