You Can Make One of These Wacky Metal Roosters!

I see huge colorful metal roosters all the time in the city I live in, but they are usually outside of restaurants or retail establishments.  I’ve also admired these outside of my grocery store, but haven’t felt like I could splurge on one…they are a little pricey!  But, I’ve always wanted one and felt like I struck gold when I ran across this tutorial on how to make one!  This rooster isn’t exactly like the big ones I’ve been seeing, but it’s just as cute or cuter!  I love charming off the wall stuff like this!  If’s it’s funky and cute, I have to have one!  Well, now I can say I have one, but I had to round up a man to help me make it!  Some of you ladies out there can do this yourself.  My girlfriend can weld but she moved a little too far away, so I had to beg my handy guy friend.  I put mine on the countertop in my kitchen!  Some people like to put them in their yards or flower gardens.  They fit in anywhere! They have so much character and charm.  I can’t think of a place one of these wouldn’t look great!

What more can I say?  If you have to have one of these little guys, just watch the step by step tutorial.


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