You Can Make This Antiqued Wood American Flag In 5 Easy Steps

I know so many people who have an American flag in their home. A regular flag goes with everything, but every once in a while I see versions of American flag dec√≥r that’s just as creative as it is respectful and traditional. This rustic flag is one of those!

With just a a few items, Jeff from YouTube channel “The Furrminator” makes this awesome torched wood flag. It looks so weathered and unique, and I can’t wait to get started on my own!

One of Jeff’s optional additions puts a touch of gratitude on the flag. By adding a colored stripe, you can signify someone’s service to the country.

He suggests you try a red stripe for firefighters, blue for police officers, and gold for dispatchers. I think I may paint a camo stripe for an army service member I know. The possibilities are endless!

Check out Jeff’s video below, and let us know if you add any cool twists to your version of this project. We’d love to see it!

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