You Don’t Need a Pattern And These Couldn’t Be Easier to Make!

Now this is something that I can sew and see quick results! It’s a great project for beginners too! But, whether you’re a beginner or a long time seamstress, you’re gonna want to make these! There’s hardly any expense to these and you’ll save some money by learning how to make your own.

My “go to” sleep outfit is boxer shorts and a t-shirt and I’m so glad to have run across this tutorial!  I’ve washed some of my boxers until the elastic has given out, so I was in need of some new ones.  The exciting thing about making these is not only the savings, but that you can pick from such a wide variety of fun fabrics!  The first pair I made were leopard print and I put red ric rac around the legs.  You can put all kinds of neat trims on these an make them super cute!

In her tutorial, she puts a felt heart in the back of these pajama bottoms so she knows the front from the back.  You can put whatever you want on the back of yours.  It just makes it easier when you put them on.

I can whip out a pair of these in under 30 minutes!  These are great gifts for friends and family members.  I always pick a stunning fabric and add a cut trim.  The pom pom trim is really cute added to these, but if you’re gonna use it, you should probably wash them by hand because the pom poms pick up lint in the washer and never look the same.

Watch this step by step tutorial, put some thread in your machine and go for it!  You’ll be surprised at how quick you can make  these!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook too!

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