You Have To See How She Makes This Thrift Store DIY Look Like A Million Bucks…

Any DIY that starts with thrifting and ends with with this cool piece quickly rises to the top of my favorite project list! After seeing this online, I immediately ran to the the thrift store to scoop up as many rotary phones as I could find.  I tweaked this yellow one a bit more by removing the guts and giving it a hot pink makeover. Since I loved the numbers I kept them, but you could also remove and add a larger succulent to fill the space. I LOVE the final result, it looks so fun anywhere you decide to showcase it! I love anything that is different and unique looking! I think I was born in another era.

This is such the conversation piece and when people see it, they want to run out and find an old rotary phone too!  I got lucky…my Mom had a few in her attic, after I’d already bought all of them from the thrift store! Of course, I made her one. She loves plants and really loved this authentic idea as a planter.

These make fabulous gifts for friends and family! They’re always really surprised when they get one. It always thrills me when I can give something to them that I can actually make and watch them get excited about it! It’s also a great way to spend money on gifts! I always have so many people to give gifts to. The DIY tutorials have really saved the old pocket book. Besides, people always love receiving gifts that have some thought and a little bit of labor put into them. I know I certainly do!

So, watch this tutorial and turn an old and ugly telephone into this eye-catching and stylish decor project with a few supplies around you!

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