You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried This Quilting Twist

Looking to shake up your next quilt with something special? Laura with Sew Very Easy comes up with an adorable trim idea to spice up any quilt you’re making!

After she washed the quilt and showed us what it looked like I was so surprised! She turns a simple quilt into something very special!

The trim that she added is called Chenille, and what happened after she washed it was amazing. The Chenille puffed out! It looked so fabulous that I swear my mouth fell open! I’m so glad I watched this tutorial to the end.

Chenille offers up a classic look and is so popular. Isn’t it amazing how adding this trim to the quilt she makes changes the whole look? I can hardly wait to make a quilt like this!

Laura with Sew Very Easy does some of the best DIY projects and this one is one of my favorites. Watch how she makes this gorgeous quilt in her step by step tutorial, so you can get busy making one too!

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