You May Think This Is A Regular Shelf — Surprise! It’s Not. Watch What He Does Next!

I’m in love with this DIY project! As a matter of fact, I loved it so much that I had to make room for it, since I had to have one!

Decorating your home and making it more comfortable and stylish doesn’t have to cost lots of money. There are plenty of easy upgrades you can do to create a beautiful home with an expensive look on a budget.

Turn simple frames from the local thrift store into these expensive frames by attaching a wood shelf, taking the blah out of it and adding some elegance! This is a great low budget with high impact DIY project for your home decor!

Old picture frames can be reused in lot many ways than to just display pictures in it. You will be amazed at the number of ways you can utilize them and how beautifully it can get adopted according to the kind of use.

You can make use of old frames like shelf storage for placing decorative things, or even toiletries so that they can be easily viewed and at your fingertips when needed.

To see exactly how this is made watch how Polke Malke makes this cool picture frame shelf in his step by step tutorial.

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