You Must Finish Watching This To See The Cool Little Writing Desk He Easily Builds!

Don’t you ever wish you had a quaint little writing desk in your home? Well, I did! I always ended up sitting in my bed and writing on top of my Mac Notebook! Ink pens don’t work as well when you’re writing on a metal surface, besides that, I ended up with some kind of ache or pain in my back after a while!

Since our recent move, I have really been trying to finish up my kitchen/dining area before the holidays come swooping in out of nowhere! So far I have finally finished the kitchen. I’m still working on getting some stuff up on the walls, but today I’m here to share with you about this other little space in the dining room.

I honestly toyed with adding some kind of cabinet storage there since my kitchen isn’t exactly huge, but it just didn’t feel right to me. So I decided I needed a little place to work. I’m always at the kitchen table with my laptop and having to move it out of the way for meals and I just liked the idea of having a little command center right here at the hub of our home!

I got my husband involved in helping me make this little desk and it took no time at all. I sure have enjoyed having it sitting in my little space I allocated for it too! While a large, traditional desk may work in some home offices, it might not be what you had in mind for your multipurpose workspace. Especially as computers and tech gadgets have gotten smaller, less is becoming more.

Watch how Steve Ramsey builds this quaint little desk in his step by step tutorial so you can have a special little writing table too!





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