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You MUST Watch The Transformation She Makes With This Mens T-Shirt (UNBELIEVABLE)!

I know you’re wondering “what is this”?  Don’t quit watching…you’ll be so glad you checked this out! It’s darned cute and such a popular style…it has been down through the ages. I had to do this right away! That’s how sold I was when I saw this! I have always loved peplum tops, but never thought it would be so easy to make one. Now you can go recycle someone’s garage sale item to a couture design!

This is a fabulous way to transform an old t-shirt! I went to the thrift store and found a really cool mens t-shirt with a great design to make mine. OR go raid your boyfriend, husband or Dad’s t-shirt drawer! You’ll need an XL to make this, so check the size.

I decided to repurpose so for those of you who like to refashion, upcycle, restyle …this is for you, and did I mention it is an easy tutorial to boot? Took me under an hour to do. Our poor men’s closets are in danger.

This would look really great in a solid color to wear with skirts, slacks or jeans. I’m definitely gonna make more of these! I’ve already got my friends making theirs!  You would pay a lot more if you paid retail price for it, for sure.

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can have one of these stylish peplum tops at no cost!