You Need Just One Item To Make This Ultra-Cozy Blanket

Knitting is so much fun and so therapeutic. Making a beanie, a blanket, or a sweater can really relax you, and you get a great craft out of it! Recently a knitting trend has made its way to the internet– knitting with your arms.

Arm knit merino wool blankets are being sold online for as high as $400. There’s really a hot market for this sort of stuff, and with some think yarn and a couple of arms, you can make one for yourself in an hour or less!

YouTube channel Simply Maggie┬ásimplifies the arm knitting process with her tutorial for making a blanket. I love the result it produces and I can’t wait to give it a shot. I’ve been using knitting needles all these years and I never had to!

These homemade blankets make great gifts and take so little time to make. I can’t wait until Christmas time comes around so I can make a ton of these for my family and friends.

Are you going to give this arm knitting technique a try? Share this with your friends and maybe you can learn and have a knitting night!

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