You Will Be Left Speechless When You See What He Makes With All These Pallets (WATCH!)

Now this is a clever and cheap idea! My hat’s off to all the clever people who have a vision to make and build things that others don’t think of. I’m always amazed at what I see people doing! I’m grateful because they are generous enough to share it with all of us!

This shed is really cheap to buildĀ and many times you can find these pallets forĀ free! This makes a great storage shed for lawnmowers, tools and other things you don’t have room for in your garage. This also makes a great play house for children, a place to pot plants or a nice dry place to store your wood. Whatever you want to use it for, it gives you that extra space you’ve been longing for. My husband I built one and it has been a life saver! I don’t know where I put everything before I had it! We even built a garbage can storage space alongside the shed and it looks so much nicer than having them sitting out.

There are 5 (including this one) parts to this video, so check out Youtube for the continuation of this video. Floppy Hat Photos is the name of the people who posted this video listed under diy pallet sheds. Which doesn’t surprise me because it’s really hard to do one video to show you through the completion of a project like this. It’s easy, but it takes a little time to build.

Watch Part 1 of this step by step tutorial and get started building your shed!

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