You Will Be So Surprised When You See What She Makes With These Bandanas (Genius!)

When I was writing this post I got curious about the history of bandanas and how long they’ve been around. Through my research I discovered that Martha Washington got the ball rolling on bandanas approximately 200 years ago! I knew it had been a long time!

Bandanas have been a staple in America for what seems like forever. We see them around peoples necks, in their hair, clothing and used to make brightly colored quilts, which is my purpose for writing this post.

Bandana quilts add a great touch of rustic charm to our decor and this is a fun item to have in your home. When I made my quilt, I used denim for the backing. I love denim and bandanas together. I just love how bandanas and denim soften up after a few washes and this quilt makes a great throw for your sofa, for snuggling down to a good movie.

I’ve decided to make a few of these for Christmas gifts this year. They don’t take much time to make and I can’t imagine someone not loving it when they receive this fabulous quilt for a gift! I know my nieces will love to have one of these.

One thing you can count on…bandanas will never go out of style! As long as they’ve been around, I don’t foresee that ever changing.

Watch how they make this quilt in this step by step tutorial.







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