You Won’t Believe How Beautifully She Transforms This Bottle With Gesso And Roses!

When you see what she does to this bottle, you’ll have a hard time imagining it in it’s natural state.

People are making some of the most exquisite pieces of art by recycling bottles with paint, Gesso and flowers and some are using Plaster of Paris and other texturizing products available to us.

The bottles I’ve seen on Pinterest are absolutely breathtaking and what people are doing to them is super easy, although it looks very intricate and difficult. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! That’s what I love about this type of DIY project…you get to see results fast, when it looks like it took hours to do!

These make wonderful gifts. I would be over the moon if someone gave me one of these as a gift, wouldn’t you? Therefore, there’s no reason to go out and spend a bunch of money on a gift when you’ve got all of these fabulous DIY projects at your fingertips…and you can do them in no time at all!

This project is just a matter of gluing silk flowers to a bottle, painting and applying Gesso. Easy peasy! You’d never know to look at the end result, would you?

Watch how this gal with Artists Live transforms this bottle in her step by step tutorial.



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