Saturday, December 2

You Won’t Believe How Easily And Cheap She Makes This Lovely Mirrored Vanity Tray!

Indulging in DIY projects is not only fun, it is also a great way to spend your free time. In this project, Christine Kobzeff will show you how to make a mirrored vanity tray in the shortest time possible, using cheap and easy to find materials.

If you are looking for a glam way to display your perfumes and beauty supplies, this DIY project is for you. Here is an easy way to make a fabulous mirror tray, the perfect accessory in your bedroom.

I was literally amazed at how easily Christine makes this beautiful mirrored vanity tray! I would have never dreamed of doing this and I’ll bet you wouldn’t have either!

She bought a mirror for 99 cents and spray painted the frame silver. Then she bought a roll of metal ribbon for $7 at the fabric store, a mirror to fit the frame, a glue gun and some decorative nails. Watch how she puts this together.  Nothing could be more simple!

Making some of these for Christmas gifts is a great idea for those gals in your life. They’ll love having one of these!

Watch how Christine Kobzeff makes this great mirrored vanity tray in her step by step tutorial…now that you’ve made your cute vanity tray you can et your jewelry, perfume or any beauty stuff you want to display.


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