You Won’t Believe The Amazing Outdoor Decor This Guy Makes Out Of Wooden Crates!

I absolutely fell in love with this precious DIY project and you will too! If you’re wanting something cool to display in your front yard, then this is the perfect project for you!

This was my first DIY of the season…this adorable DIY Christmas Crate Train. The actual process to this is very simple! It is just a bunch of crates lined up to create the look of a train with a bunch of fun details. Michael’s Arts and Crafts has a bunch of Christmas items, so you should be able to find these items now if you are planning ahead of time, plus they have some awesome coupons right now!

If you plan on placing this inside, you can use any craft paint you like. If you plan on placing this outdoors, use outdoor paint.

If you are making this for inside, you can place the crates up so that you can put items like toys in them, but if you are putting this outside, I would flip all of them over so that they don’t collect snow, leaves, etc.

Watch how The Keeper of the Cheerios LLC makes this absolutely phenomenal Christmas decor item in his step by step tutorial.


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