You Won’t Believe The Brilliant Item He Makes With Two Flower Pots. Watch!

You might call me behind the times, but I just ran across this clever tutorial and was blown away by this cool DIY project!

People always look for unique ways to cook their food to provide better flavor or convenience; especially when barbecuing. Magnify your barbecuing experience with a flower pot grill and smoker!

Like all DIY projects, you are going to need tools and materials. Not only will the tutorial tell you what tools and materials you need to have but it also discusses the step-by-step process of constructing the flower pot grill and smoker.

This guy shares tips on how you can optimally cook with the flower pot grill and smoker like controlling air ventilation and preparing wood chips. It also discusses how you can still perform essential cooking procedures such as monitoring temperature.

This was perfect for what I needed and since I didn’t want to invest in an expensive grill my boyfriend and I did this project together. It’s perfect and boy does it cook meat good. The flavor is amazing! I love it and am so happy I ran across these instructions to make one!

Watch how Cottage Life DIY makes this flowerpot grill in his step by step tutorial!


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