You Won’t Believe The Incredibly Fun Item She Makes With Candy Wrappers!

Kids have been folding candy wrappers like this for years, but this DIY project goes a step further with these candy wrappers and it’s genius! Talk about a great Christmas gifts. I always love giving something that’s unique like this is!

I love fun and funky stuff like this, especially when it serves a purpose like this dones! Of course anything that is colorful is something I’m gonna love.

Right after Halloween is the perfect time to collect a bunch of candy wrappers…I had my 3 grandchildren save candy wrappers for me after Halloween and I’ve been hoarding candy wrapper bags for a few months now and have quite the slew of wrappers so far.

People actually make large purses with candy and gum wrappers and they are beautiful! I saw one on Pinterest that was for sale for $195!

So don’t throw out all those candy wrappers, especially now that the cost of candy is rising.  Get the most out of your raging sweet tooth by turning those wrappers into a handbag! The one in the attached tutorial is small, which is a good place to get started so you can see results faster, but you can make some amazing large bags and they are quite the conversation piece!

Watch how Mellison makes this adorable little purse in her step by step tutorial and start saving your candy wrappers now!

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