You Won’t Believe What She Does With Denim Jeans…Just Watch!

This DIY project took me back when I saw it! It’s way too fun not to share! I’m amazed at some of the stylish things that people are dreaming up, but I’m glad they do because these are fun!

What a great thing to do with a pair of old denim jeans that you no longer wear and they certainly do catch your eye! There might be so many beautiful shoes out there but some of them are so extraordinary, so impressive that they will immediately grab all the attention.

A definitely must have some confidence to wear these daring boots…look at Kim Kardashian. She wears a pair in one of her photos! Yep, these are for someone who definitely walks to the beat of her own drum and my hat’s off to her! These will definitely turn some heads.

When my daughter saw this DIY project, she had a fit over these and got busy making herself a pair! She clearly has a style of her own and pulls it off rather well..that’s my girl!

I actually saw a pair of these at an online store called ShoesPie for $147.00! Look how much money you can save with a pair of old shoes and some jeans!

Watch how Tijana Arsenijevic makes these super cool boots in her step by step tutorial!




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