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You Won’t Believe What She Does With Four Large Embroidery Hoops And A Square Dowel!

When I saw the pictures of these on Pinterest my mouth fell open. Then a light bulb went on in my head. I figured I could re-create that no problem. She makes it look so easy.

This is incredibly genius that I had to make some of these right away! They are so pricey if you buy them in at a retail store, but here’s a smart way to make them at home…don’t you just love DIY projects? You can get so much for so much less than what you would buy one of these for!

I hated the light fixtures in my home and was waiting until I had the money to replace those ugly things! The first victim was the one in the foyer, and it cost under $20. Now that’s my kind of light and nobody would ever guess that I paid this.

Orb light fixtures are a pretty popular trend, but can be very pricy.  I have always loved the look of these fixtures but could never bring myself to spend the money on one. Then I saw this awesome tutorial from Lacy Jane DIY and I was off and running!

Watch how she makes these fabulous embroidery hoop orb lights in her step by step tutorial. They look so fabulous in my home…you’ll love how easy are to do and how cool they look!