You Won’t Believe What She Makes After She Puts Paint On A Round Disk (Watch!)

I was looking for some upscale looking decor for my home and ran across this on Pinterest. Since I put myself on a decorating budget, rather than go out and buy one, this looked easy enough to make, so that’s exactly what I did!

I love marble and can’t believe how much this looks like marble. This is the easiest way to secure a marble timepiece on a budget! It looks so elegant in my home and I love that I made it!

So I’ve gotta confess, the reason I try to keep everything on budget is because, well, I have a tendency to have expensive taste.  I swear I can spot, rather smell, something expensive from a mile away!  But recently I had a bit of a wake up call over this marble clock.  At first glance it was perfect!  Everything you could ever ask for in a wall clock.  Except, the was one little problem.. the price.  There was no way I could justify spending $270 on a clock. 

But I knew I could make my very own version of the marble clock and with a few added details I may even prefer it over the original! And I do!  

Watch how Shara, with Live Your Style, makes this fabulous clock in her step by step tutorial. This is a piece of cake!

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