You Won’t Believe What She Makes Out Of A Simple Wooden Pallet. Watch!

Over the past year she came across scores of DIY pallet projects, some of them intriguing and others not quite there yet but still having potential.

One that she would see time and again was the idea of using a single wooden pallet filled with soil and with plants inserted in the gaps… they’re usually leaned up against a wall but sometimes bolted on to keep from tumbling over. This was their strawberry planter and at the time, she steered away from doing this since the ones she was seeing were so unstable.

She was still interested in the idea and with the gift of eight pristine wooden pallets, she started scouring the internet looking for alternative tutorials, as many of us do.

She was looking for strawberry container tutorials that offered increased stability, more soil capacity and better aesthetics. Eventually, after finding nothing that really jumped out at her, she came to the conclusion that she’d have to come up with her own design.

After thinking about the process for this tutorial I’m quite sure that anyone who is comfortable using a hammer and hand-saw could complete this project too. Though she says it’s much easier if you have a jigsaw.

Watch how she makes this easy strawberry planter, out of pallet wood, in her step by step tutorial.

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