You Won’t Believe What She Makes This Incredibly Unique Jewelry Out Of!

I was literally dumbfounded when I saw what she made this lovely jewelry out of! There are so many great ideas on Pinterest for this type of jewelry…lots of techniques!

Did you ever think of making earrings or necklaces out of empty plastic bottles that would normally be thrown away or recycled? Maybe you would like to try and see what you can make out of those bottles.

I’ve been having so much fun making earrings and necklaces from empty plastic bottles!   You too can make your own jewelry from plastic bottles.

To make your own jewelry, use your imagination.  Save your recycling.  I think the see-through colored bottles are especially pretty.  I’ve saved many plastic bottles, including soda bottles, body spray bottles and even children’s “bubble bottles”.  You can purchase links and/or fittings at one of your craft stores to connect your pieces or you can use wire, fishing line or other items you have on hand.

You can use permanent markers to draw designs (front side) and color in the designs (on the back side of the design) on your plastic that you’ve cut out for your earrings or necklace. These are so interesting and beautiful. It’s hard to believe they are actually created out of a plastic bottle!

Watch how Recycled Bottle Crafts does this in their step by step tutorial and get busy making some cool looking jewelry!


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