You Won’t Believe What She Makes When She Holds A Plastic Spoon Over Fire (Watch!)

I was really excited about trying this plastic spoon DIY project! This is a great way to recycle spoons after a party or you can buy them at your local dollar store. You probably already have most of the supplies at home.

Using colored spoons will save time but spray-painting your roses makes them more unique to fit your personal decor. If you’re up to the task, try a variation of three colors from the same family to make your roses even more realistic. Just be sure to use spray paint that’s suitable for plastic or your flowers may start wilting right before your eyes!

I found it helpful to have a block of Styrofoam handy so that I could stand the flowers upright and coat them evenly. This way, you don’t touch them and risk smudging them. 

Making plastic spoon flowers is not a good craft for kids. Using heat can be tricky and spray painting tends to get messy. If you want to forgo the tears and avoid a disaster, take on this project by yourself.

When softened over a candle’s flame, plastic will get hot so you can mold it into ‘petals.’ You really do need to be careful so you don’t get burned.

Watch how this gal with FavCrafts makes these in her step by step tutorial so you can give this great project a try!

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