You Won’t Believe What She Recycles To Make These Fabulous Containers Out Of!

I was blown away at how these containers can be repurposed! It’s amazing all of the different DIY projects that you can do with these. The list goes on and on!

There’s not a whole lot you can do with your coffee after it’s deliciously made the journey to your belly. However, those large plastic tubs that once held your favorite nectar of the gods can live a new life as one of these awesome recycled creations!

A pretty pastel makeover can turn any drab coffee tub into an awesome storage container! It’s simple to convert empty coffee containers into bulk storage bins for dry goods such as tea, pasta, rice, and believe it not – more coffee! You could even keep a a large quantity of the more expensive coffee this time around. An application of silver spray paint and some cool DIY labels make these cute storage tubs a must have for your everyday pantry essentials.

Coffee containers make great containers for  pet food, dog treats, popcorn holders, seedling planters, grocery bag dispensers, fun craft storage, holiday treat tins, pre-measured coffee filters, you name it!

Empty coffee containers are precious commodities that shouldn’t be tossed into the recycle bin with careless abandon. It doesn’t take a lot of extra work or time to recycle them into something better!

Watch how this gal with makes this cool set of canisters in her step by step tutorial!

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