Thursday, December 7

You Won’t Believe What She Transforms Plain Old Tin Cans Into (Watch!)

You can turn tin cans into a treasured keepsake that in no way resembles a tin can! Talk about a great way to recycle and this is a cheap DIY project too!

These can be used for makeup brushes, planters, pencil holders…basically anything you choose! I gave one as a gift with flowers in it and my friend loved it! Like burlap, wine bottles and cork, a tin-can is another easy to find DIY material.  You can organize your desk, enlighten your room or make brilliant gifts with them.

They are so simple to decorate and use for different purposes such as centerpieces to beautify your table setting or pencil holders to give as a gift to teachers. If you need some more inspiring ideas just look on Pinterest for decorated tin cans for an abundance of ideas that are amazing!

Tin cans can be painted and decoupaged, all dressed up in jewels or given a lacy shabby chic look…the sky’s the limit with these little guys! This also makes a wonderful project for kids to do when they are bored…especially with the summer months right around the corner. So keep this in mind for projects to do with your kids.

I’ve seen people use burlap with flowers, sisal rope and a tons more creative things. It’s a simple yet fabulous idea for decorating that everybody needs to check out!

Watch how Linnie with Scrapping Abby does this in her step by step tutorial.

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