You Won’t Believe What This Mother of 6 Did to Totally Rock Her Laundry Space!

This mother of 6 is a genius and her laundry room organizing ideas are absolutely brilliant! I guess you’d have to be if you had 6 children! I love that she got her children involved in participating in the laundry job too.

I must say that this remodel blew me away! For those of you who are thinking of remodeling these ideas are certainly something to consider…I’m so envious. This lady has thought of everything…even down to the built in fans to dry her items she dries flat on a wire that slides into a drawer!

She’s thought of everything when it comes to doing laundry. She even has her children sort their laundry colors and put it into bends that slide into a cabinet! She’s definitely taught them discipline and that impressed me as much as the laundry room! I’m sure if you’re going to have that many children you’ve gotta teach them to help or you’d lose your mind!

She has special laundry baskets for them, and they come out so they can take the basket to their rooms to put their clothes away. This woman sure put some thought into this project!

Watch as this brilliant lady shows us all of the different ways she’s organized her laundry room and you can drool too!






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