You Won’t Even Believe What He Makes Out Of Rain Gutters (Brilliant)!

You’re probably as surprised as I am by this DIY project! My mind is always blown when I see the things people think up! Maybe some of you have seen this, but it’s my first time and it’s so clever!

Yes! Rain gutter shelves are an incredible way to get organized and/or display your favorite pictures, books and magazines.  I put them up in when we finished the basement and they’ve held up beautifully.  I saw the idea originally on Pinterest.  They’re a great way to have the books visible and accessible to our family and they made great use of an awkward spot we had behind the door.

I think one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen using rain gutters as shelves is for displaying your family photos! I’m so pumped about this project! My daughter has a wall full of her children’s portraits and I hung all of them! She’s run out of space and I think this idea would allow her to display more pictures. Another idea I had for this project is to buy some cheap black frames for her children’s art and displaying them in these shelves on the wall of her study.

Many parents put these up in their children’s rooms to hold their books and it looks absolutely darling. It also allows them to see what books they have, so they can pick the same favorite book to read over and over again! LOL!

Watch how easily WeekendWorkBench does this in their step by step tutorial and get busy making yourself some of these great shelves!


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