You’ll Be Amazed When You See The Cool Thing She Does!

I’m always up for something new and when I found this tutorial I was intrigued!  What makes this DIY project so unique is that the paint creates an oxidized look to it, making it look rather chic and rich. You can use any of your favorite colors of paint for this DIY project. The sky’s the limit so use your imagination! No two pieces of art are ever the same and yours will definitely be an original work of art!

Since my Mother’s birthday is right around the corner and I wanted to make a special vase to take flowers to her in.  I started scanning Pinterest for something unique and I ran across this great marbleized jar. I thought the colors looked rich and expensive.

Mason jars are hard workers in our house, they hold treats for gifts, stand in for glasses, store kitchen staples in our pantry, cold drinks in the summer, and contain piles of pens and pencils. And, of course, there are the jams and jellies and pickles.

I’m always on the hunt for ways to decorate those humble jars. This is a fun way to jazz up plain Jane jars and is especially nice for those that you use as glasses, giving them a magical, colorful makeover.

Everyone in my family talks about things to do with Mason Jars! I think I’m rubbing off on them. Even my grandkids make Mason Jar DIY projects and give them to their Mom for Mother’s Day! I love it!

Watch how KlairedeLysdotcom makes this beautiful jar in her step by step tutorial!




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