You’ll Be Amazed When You See What She Turns This Ugly Old Console TV Into!

Old TV cabinets are often very well made so my husband and I have come up with ways to repurpose them. We were first inspired by the tutorial attached at the bottom of this post and it was our first design that we made entirely of things we had on hand except a couple of pieces of minor hardware!

The nice natural wood top with the black paint adds some glamour to a space. You would never guess, in a million years, that this was the same old ugly console TV, would you?

My love for DIY projects is driven by changing up old pieces into something that is fabulous. It gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment!

When people toss out old pieces, I’m there like a buzzard just waiting to pounch on it. In my Mother’s neighborhood, once a month, people put out things they don’t want any more and I find some incredible things. The saying someone’s trash is another person’s treasure is certainly my slogan!

Easily make this wine rack using an old tv cabinets on the curb waiting for trash pickup. Watch how ShabbyDIY transforms this one into a wine cabinet bar. It’s a great place to store your favorite wine bottles.





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